Grocery Store Parking Lots: Driving Injuries & Potential Settlement Cases


Going grocery shopping is something people do on a weekly or even daily basis. With so many visits to the grocery store, people expect to be safe and protected when using the parking lot. If you're involved with an accident in the parking lot area, then there are several factors that may contribute to the case. By breaking down these different elements, you may realize that you have a potential injury case on your hands.

An experienced attorney can help represent your case, get you a settlement, and help you properly recover from these injuries. By understanding the different elements of the case, you can have a better grasp on the situation at hand and the various types of liable parties.

Parking Lot Obstacles

A grocery store parking lot has a number of unique obstacles that can be the cause for a car accident. One of the main obstacles to be on the lookout for are grocery carts. Rolling carts can create all types of problems, especially if they are not put away properly. Rolling carts can easily create a road hazard and cause an accident. When this occurs, a lawyer will attempt to sort out who is liable for this incident. It could fall on a person who did not properly put their cart away. The grocery cart return stations may have been overfilled and created a problem. The grocery store may not have properly assigned a worker to clean up carts when needed. By breaking these factors down, an attorney can find a liable party and help seek a settlement for your injuries in the case.

Other parking lot obstacles may include grocery bags, garbage, or other debris that has not been properly taken care of. Even a small thing like a flying plastic bag can create enough of a distraction to cause a car accident.

Parking Lot Conditions

When you're visiting a grocery store, you often expect the conditions of the lot to be ideal for driving and parking. When these conditions are not up to par, it can create driving hazards that cause accidents. Even when driving at a low speed, you can feel a major impact if a car crash occurs. Low speed injuries can often be the cause of neck injuries, tissue injuries and other issues like whiplash. A grocery store parking lot may have poor conditions that includes pot holes, loose gravel, poorly maintained parking spots, or blind spots that block views from incoming or out-coming traffic. If this is the case, then an auto accident attorney will use video and photo evidence to showcase the conditions of the lot. They may also look at any other incidents that have occurred due to the poor parking lot conditions.

Another factor that may have impacted your driving is if you shop at groceries at night. Improper lighting, poor lighting, or dead bulbs can all lead to dangerous areas in the parking lot. If this is the case, then the grocery store may be held liable for the conditions and dangers that were presented.

Parking Lot Pedestrians

You could be involved in a parking lot accident case even if you were not in a car at the time of your injury. As you are entering or leaving the lot, a vehicle may strike you. If you are pushing a cart, this could cause even more injuries. Along with your injuries, you may also lose out on a bundle of groceries that you were attempting to transport home. When you are hit as a pedestrian, all of the same liability factors come into play and an auto accident attorney can look into your case and help you get a settlement.

Going grocery shopping should never be a dangerous affair, but when it becomes dangerous, you should have the proper representation to get a settlement that you deserve.


20 December 2016

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