How Damages Are Determined In Wrongful Death Cases


A wrongful death case is one in which you would file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your loved one's death if their death could have been avoided had the party not made a mistake. This lawsuit, for example, can be filed against the company your loved one worked for, the property owner of the property where they had their accident that resulted in their death, or the driver of the car that caused the accident that caused your loved one's death.

Doing this is important for you and your family after suffering this unexpected loss because it ensures that you are compensated for the amount that your loved one would have otherwise continued to bring into the family if they lived their average life expectancy. It can also compensate for hospital bills if your loved one had any type of stay in the hospital before their death. 

You may be curious as to how the damages are determined. With a wrongful death attorney by your side, you can better understand how they will be determined in your case. Here's how they are generally determined for you to have a clearer understanding before going into the process:

Pain and Suffering of Loved One:

Your family will be compensated for the amount of pain and suffering your loved one endured during the time of their death. For example, if the death was prolonged and your loved one suffered many ailments before their death, you will be compensated for that. 

Pain and Suffering of the Family:

The family is also compensated for pain and suffering that they had to endure. For example, if your loved one was your spouse and you had children together, there is obviously a great amount of pain and suffering endured in the family from this major loss. Parents are also heavily covered for the loss of a child because this is a death that families suffer from for a longer period of time because it is so traumatic. 

Loss of Income as a Result of the Loss of Life:

Finally, the family or whoever relied on the deceased's regular income will be compensated for the amount that they would normally receive monthly to pay for their way of life. Your wrongful death attorney will be able to prove how much this would be so that you can continue to live a lifestyle that you are accustomed to. 

When you know how damages are determined, you can see why filing a wrongful death lawsuit is not something you want to avoid if you have a right to it. Contact a company like Fitzsimmons & Vervaecke Law Firm to learn more.


14 March 2017

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