Three Reasons Why You Should Recheck Social Security's List Of Accepted Disabling Conditions


Social security disability pays money out to people who have disabling conditions that will prevent them from working for long periods of time or indefinitely. Many of these conditions are something that people are born with or develop as the result of an accident. Sometimes they are not diagnosed until later in life too. Additionally, some new conditions are being recognized and diagnosed that were previously unrecognized and undiagnosed. As such, you should always recheck the list of accepted disabling conditions that the Social Security Administration keeps online. Here are some big reasons why.

The SSA Updates This List Annually

The SSA reviews new and disabling conditions that are becoming prevalent or for which people have sought disability benefits in the last year. The number of applicants with these new conditions dictates whether or not the condition is one that should be considered for review and addition to the list. If the conditions are additions to the list, they are added once a year toward the end of the year. Updates in the descriptions and restrictions to current listed conditions may be updated more frequently.

Rare Conditions Take Time to Be Recognized and Acknowledged

Not every condition listed is one that you might have, nor is every rare condition listed. The list itself is more or less a comprehensive list covering diagnoses of sorts from different areas, structures, and organs of the body. It is possible that a rare disorder is actually covered under one of these "umbrella" lists, in which case, you should apply for benefits anyway. You will need to show how your rare disorder applies under autoimmune, musculoskeletal, organ failure, etc. and why you should be granted your benefits. You could even lobby the SSA to include your disorder specifically under their list so that others like you can confidently apply for social security disability too.

New Conditions Are Added If They Are Heavily Lobbied For

Sometimes, when a group lobbies heavily to have a special condition added to the SSA's list, it may be added during the year rather than at the end of the year. You will notice that happening when certain types of legislation that have received media attention are passed, and attached to them are bills which require the SSA to add these new conditions to their list.  If you check their list of disabling conditions a month later, you will see a New! Recently Added! post about conditions that have been added, and you can check to see which conditions are now considered "acceptable" for disability benefits.

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16 March 2017

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