Outfit Your Swimming Pool In This Manner To Avoid Personal Injury Suits


Having a swimming pool is all about creating good summer memories with your family and friends, but you also need to be aware that the presence of the pool puts you at risk of a personal injury suit. People can get hurt in a variety of ways in and around the pool, and you could be held financially liable by a court of law — unless your attorney can show that you've taken a variety of steps to make this part of your property as safe as possible. Plan to outfit your pool in this manner to keep the risk of personal injury suits low.

Remove The Diving Board

Diving boards can be plenty of fun, but the downside to them is that they can also lead to injuries. Swimmers can jump off the diving board and hit the edge on the way down, trip over the board while walking across the pool deck, or otherwise sustain injuries because of the diving board's presence. Taking down the diving board can be a difficult decision, but you need to accept that doing so can dramatically decrease the risk of a personal injury taking place in or around your swimming pool.

Improve The Deck

The area around the pool, often called the pool deck even if it's not made of wood, must also be safe to avoid personal injuries that lead to suits. A few different things can be problematic here. If the deck is uneven in places, which may be the case if you have concrete slabs surrounding the pool, there can be a fall risk. Other materials, including wood, can be slippery when wet — potentially causing someone to slip and fall onto the pool deck or into the water. There are many ways of addressing these issues, including properly leveling the slabs and coating the wood with a non-slip material.

Install Motion-Activated Lights

In some communities, teens may hop your fence and go for a swim at night. The problem with this behavior is that even if they're trespassing, you could be held liable if one of the trespassers were to get injured. A good way to curb this type of behavior is to install motion-activated lights around the pool. These teens will always want to swim under cover of darkness, and will quickly leave the scene — thus eliminating the risk of an injury — as soon as the lights come on.

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1 May 2018

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