Things You Should Do During The First Few Months After Your Car Accident


When a person causes a car accident to occur that leaves you with injuries, you have rights to seek compensation for these injuries, and there are several ways to do this. You do not have to pursue compensation right away, though. In fact, you probably have two years, from the date of the accident, to do this; however, there are certain things you should do during the first few months after the accident occurs. Here are some of the top things you should do during this time.

Keep All Your Medical Bills

If you were injured, you will have medical bills from the accident. If you have health insurance, you can use that to help pay for your bills; however, you will still be able to receive compensation for your medical bills if they were a result of the accident. As you collect your bills, you may even want to record each one on a log, so that you have them all together. You should also consider asking your doctors for reports and letters stating the injuries you received and that they were a result of the accident.

Record Your Driving Time and Mileage

The second thing you should do is record all the driving times and miles for your doctor appointments. As you do this, write down the date of the appointment, where you went, the number of miles, and the amount of time you spent going to the appointment. Do this for each appointment on the same log, so that you have an easy way to remember all the time you spent doing this and the miles you drove to and from the offices you visited.

Write Down Time Missed at Work

If you had to miss work due to your injuries, you will need to record these too. As you do this, write down the dates and times and also include the amount of missed wages you experienced. You can seek compensation for all of this, and writing it all down can help you remember exactly how the accident affected your job and income.

Keep a Journal of Your Feelings, Thoughts, and Problems

The final thing you may want to do after your accident is keep a journal of your feelings and thoughts. Each day, you should date the journal and begin writing in it. As you do this, write down how you feel. Include any emotions you feel and also include any activities you had to miss. For example, if you were supposed to go on vacation and had to cancel it, write this down, and write down how you felt about this. You should also write down any anxiety you feel or depression you may experience. Additionally, include details about problems you have, such as with your sleep schedule. If you now experience nightmares, write this down.

The goal of this is to record all the effects of the accident. When you record these on a daily basis, you will never have to try to remember how you felt. It will all be recorded in your journal, and these are all things you can seek compensation for after your accident.

By taking the time to do these things during the first few months after your accident occurs, you will have all the proof that you need to prove your losses from the car accident. When you decide to pursue compensation for this accident, you can bring these things with you to an appointment with an auto accident attorney. This type of lawyer can help you settle your case and receive compensation for all your injuries and damages.


5 July 2018

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