Were You Injured While Traveling Or Doing A Excursion Or Activity? What To Know


When you are on vacation, you expect to do things that are fun and you hope to enjoy yourself and be safe. If you were traveling and something went terribly wrong and someone's poor business practice or negligence left you injured, you want to speak with a lawyer right away. You want to know that even if you are badly injured, someone can start working on your case and someone can get you compensation for the negligence that put you in the condition you are currently in. Talk with the lawyers about these details now.

The Activity and Business Owner Information

Go into detail about the activity that you were doing and how you were taught or explained to do it. The lawyer will want to know where you were, the address and information of the location, and who owned the property or business. The business owner may be separate from the property owner.  There are many people on the staff or that have ownership that could be liable for what happened to you.

Cause of Injury

There may be certain risks associated with the activity that you were participating in, but if the equipment was bad, the staff weren't properly trained, or there was obvious negligence, you may have a case. Go into detail about what you think caused the injury or proof that you may have for the case. If there are eyewitnesses, it's important to relay the information to your lawyer, and the lawyer will look for video footage of the accident.

Medical Injuries

Your lawyer needs to know about everything related to the type of injury you're suffering from. A list of medical reports with the following details are important:

  • Severity of injuries caused by the accident
  • Type of immediate medical care needed
  • Length of recovery and rehabilitation
  • Potential to work or resume normal activities
  • Total costs to date because of the accident
  • Potential costs, risks, and problems related to the accident

With this information, the lawyer can determine if you will ever have a normal life or will be able to work again, and this is compelling information for the case.

If you were injured while doing an excursion or some type of activity on vacation and you know negligence was to blame, call a lawyer right away. The lawyer can act fast to gather information and get the case moving to file your lawsuit. Contact a firm like Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez Law Firm for more information.


12 February 2019

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