Piecing Together Your Car Accident Case When You Were Unconscious


When you have been unconscious for several days after a car accident, it can be difficult to piece together just what happened to you. Pursuing a lawsuit can be even more difficult when you cannot remember much of the accident yourself. If you hire a car accident attorney, he or she can help find the pieces to put together to tell the story of your accident and get your compensation. Here is how he or she might go about that.

The Police Report, Pictures, and Body-Cam Footage

When the police arrived on the scene of your accident, they had to complete a report, take pictures of the scene, and their body-cams (body cameras) had to be turned on during the course of your rescue and the cleanup of the road or area where your car was found. The lawyer can get the report and pictures, but he or she may need to subpoena the body-cam footage to review it and see if any clues about how your accident happened are revealed in the footage. 

Interviews with the EMTs

When the ambulance arrived to collect you, the EMTs would have worked over you tirelessly to make sure they could get you safely onto the stretcher and gurney and then into the ambulance. Whatever happened to you in the ambulance should have been recorded, but if it was not, the lawyer can interview the EMTs who rescued you and took you to the hospital. What they have to say about what they saw may help your case, as well as what they can say about your injuries and how they treated you on the way to the emergency room. 

Interviews with the Medical Staff on Duty the Night You Were Wheeled In

To get the last few pieces of your accident story, the lawyer can subpoena the doctors and nurses who were on duty when you were wheeled into the hospital. Not everything goes into a patient's record, especially when emergency medical care is more pressing than keeping an exact record. The doctors' and nurses' reports will be key in establishing timelines and treatments, but the interviews will tell the judge a lot more about what happened to you. It seals your case as one that requires monetary satisfaction for all of your injuries and losses, and draws a clear picture of your accident for you and everyone in the courtroom.

Contact a car accident attorney near you in order to learn more about what might be done for your situation.


5 July 2019

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