Rear-End Collisions & Filing A Lawsuit


Driving in a defensive manner is one of the best ways to decrease the risk of getting into a collision with other vehicles. However, you don't necessarily have to actually be driving to end up involved in an accident. For example, your vehicle can be stopped at a street sign or light and get hit by another driver who isn't paying attention to the road. If you have injuries that occurred due to another driver colliding with your vehicle from behind when you were stopped at a street sign or light, taking steps towards winning a lawsuit is something that you mind find interesting. Speaking to a personal injury attorney is a great way to learn about your rights and what can be included in the lawsuit.

The Power of the Impact

Getting hit from behind with no warning that the collision is about to take place is dangerous, especially if you are not wearing a seat belt. If the impact from the other driver is powerful enough, it can cause people in the vehicle to go flying through the windshield. If you were ejected from your vehicle due to such a collision, it likely means that the other driver was driving at a high speed that may have been faster than the posted speed limit. An attorney will help you find out how fast the other party was driving before colliding with the rear-end of your vehicle. The piece of information is important because it can have an effect on winning the case, which is important if the other party tries to hold you liable for the incident.

Dealing with the Effects of Trauma

Rear-end collisions can be some of the most traumatizing experiences to go through. Even if a vehicle only slightly rear-ends another driver, it can be traumatizing and cause psychological damage. For instance, the victim in the situation might develop a fear of driving due to the possibility of getting hit by another vehicle when least expected. If you feel as though you were psychologically injured from the rear-end collision, be sure to inform your attorney about it. He or she can help you get justice for the injury that includes any long-term counseling that you might need.

Calculating a Compensation Amount

Before contacting the other driver's auto insurance provider to file a claim, an attorney will determine how much money it is that you actually deserve. He or she will be able to contest the amount awarded by the insurance company if it isn't a high enough sum. The attorney will also be able to help you obtain extra money via a lawsuit if it can't be awarded via the insurance company. Lost wages, medical equipment, and pain and suffering are a few things that will be considered for compensation.

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13 November 2019

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