Tips For Hiring A Wrongful Death Attorney


When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, it is natural to go through many stages of grief. These feelings are often complicated when the cause of their passing was completely preventable. Rash actions towards responsible parties may unknowingly affect the future outcome of a legal settlement. Knowing what to do or who to talk to for assistance can be confusing. It is hard to know the true intention of strangers who offer their services or want sensitive information. Here are a few tips to receive additional guidance by working with a wrongful death attorney. 

Most people call and schedule a consultation with their family lawyer. Over time this lawyer may have helped the family through divorces, will preparation, or do other important paperwork. This lawyer may not have any cases thus far regarding wrongful death issues. This lawyer may not currently have the resource of time to thoroughly study the current laws regarding wrongful death. If the lawyer is unable to offer clear information, seek out another professional that is confident regarding wrongful death issues. A simple phone call is usually enough to determine if the lawyer has had active practice efforts with wrongful death cases. 

Experienced lawyers will be able to answer questions regarding their experience in their practice. Ask about the service area of other lawyers in the office. Inquire about the lawyer's current caseload and how long it will take before they can start spending time on the case. See if they have available support staff or if the practice only consists of a single lawyer. Lawyers who work with any assistants or support staff often have long wait times. Their rate for consultations may vary for each lawyer in the area. Always inquire about the hourly rate and estimated total fees to retain the services of the wrongful death lawyer. 

Laws regarding wrongful death cases are state-specific to where the incident occurred and where court proceedings will take place. During this consultation, it is important to bring a supportive family member or friend. Consultations may be able to be conducted completely through online video. It is okay to ask the wrongful death lawyer challenging questions regarding what steps to take next. After the consultation, secure services with the lawyer who can validate their ability to help through their legal services. Use these tips when hiring a wrongful death attorney quickly to move forward with the case. 

For more information, reach out to a wrongful death attorney.


14 September 2020

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