Five Reasons You Have A Right To Persue A Wrongful Death Claim After Halloween


Halloween is one time of year when, unfortunately many accidents happen that could result in a death, especially of young children. Here are five situations in which you will have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim: Negligent Driver Killed Pedestrian: Whether it was your child who was hit by a negligent driver or another adult family member, you have a right to pursue a wrongful death claim against that driver.

30 December 2017

Tips For Helping You Decide If You Should Hire A Wrongful Death Attorney


It can be hard to deal with the aftermath that comes from losing a loved one in an accident that should have never occurred. When the loss of your loved one could have been prevented if a company or individual would have not seen so negligent, it can be hard to find out how to get through the grief. While a law suit will not help make the pain go away, it can help in other ways.

7 December 2017

Exposing Some Common Worker Compensation Myths


Workplace accidents that result in serious injuries can be a common aspect of modern life. For those that have the misfortune of falling victim to one of these accidents, the process of filing for worker's compensation can be essential for obtaining medical care and financial support. Here are some debunked myths about worker's compensation that will help you better understand how to file properly. Myth: You Will Have A Payroll Deduction If You Are Covered By Worker's Compensation

14 November 2017

How To Handle Pressure From Other Drivers In An Accident


If you've been in a car accident that was not your fault, you've got an immediate hurdle to overcome: the attitude of the other driver involved. It's unfortunate, but sometimes the at-fault driver will try to make the accident look like it's at least partly your fault, often in a really passive-aggressive manner that you might not spot while you're trying to get your bearings. It's vital that you recognize what the at-fault driver might be doing, and that you control your responses.

12 October 2017

Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer If You Have Been Hurt At Work?


If you have been injured while at work, you may be wondering about hiring a personal injury attorney. It is important that you meet with an experienced attorney to discuss what, if anything, needs to be done. You may find that the insurance company is handling everything the way they should. However, it is also possible that something is not right. A good law firm will help you understand what you should do and be your legal representation, should you need it.

22 September 2017

How Can The Differences Between Commercial Trucking And Car Accidents Impact Your Case?


A huge mistake you could make following an accident with a commercial truck is treating it like any other car accident. There are major differences between the two accident types and you could miss out on damages you are entitled to if you do not view your case with this in mind. If you were in an accident with a truck driver, here is what you need to know.   Why Are They Different?

7 April 2017

The Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney After An Automobile Accident


Few things are as jarring and unpleasant as being involved in an automobile accident.  Not only does it come out of the blue and disrupt your plans, it could also leave you with serious injuries that make it nearly impossible for you to carry out your daily responsibilities.  If a police investigation determines that the collision was not your fault, the other party's insurance company may be trying to hurry you into signing a settlement agreement.

4 April 2017

Dangers Of Social Media During A Wrongful Death Lawsuit


Social media is a major part of most everyone's life, so posting about your feelings about the death of a loved one seems like a natural reaction. If your loved one died as a result of an auto accident or other tragedy, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death suit. However, like with any thing, what you post on social media can have an impact on your settlement. The following is some information about use of social media while you have a pending wrongful death suit forthcoming:

30 March 2017

3 Most Common Contributing Factor To Commercial Trucking Accidents


If you were involved in a vehicular accident with a commercial truck, and you suffered serious injuries from the accident, you can hold the trucker, trucking company, and various other parties responsible if you can prove that it was the trucker's fault for the accident and not your fault for the accident. Here are three contributing factors to most commercial trucking accidents that you need to have your attorney explore.

29 March 2017

What Happens If You Miss The Deadline To Report Your Injury?


Every state requires employees to report their injuries to employers within a certain period of time, usually 30 to 60 days from the date of the incident. Though the insurance company typically gives people a couple of years to actually file claims, those claims may be approved for less benefits or denied outright if the employees do not notify their employers by the initial deadline. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

27 March 2017