How Duty of Care Applies to Car Accident Cases


The duty of care is a concept in civil tort law that requires that all individuals and organizations take a reasonable level of care to ensure that someone else doesn't get hurt. Given the incredible range of complexities of driving a vehicle, it's not surprising that the duty of care is an issue that underpins most arguments that auto accident attorneys make. These three examples will give you a better sense of how the duty of care might apply in your case.

8 November 2018

5 Reasons To Hire A Car Accident Attorney


No matter what type of car accident you're involved in, it can be a stressful experience for all. Unfortunately, car accidents are quite common and a part of life. If you ever find yourself involved in a serious accident involving a vehicle, it's important that you hire proper legal representation so that you get the best possible outcome. Keep reading to better understand why you need to hire a car accident attorney: 

8 October 2018

Rear-Ended, But Still Found Partially At Fault? Here's What Happened


If you're ever involved in an auto accident where another driver rear-ends your vehicle, you'd expect that driver to be found at fault. While this happens most of the time, there are exceptions to the rule. In some cases, you could end up sharing some of the blame for the accident in question. Being deemed partially at fault for being rear-ended often comes as a shock to accident victims. The following explains just how you could be found at fault, why it happens, and what you can do to limit your liability and receive compensation for your injuries.

27 August 2018

Medical Conditions That Can Cause Car Accidents & How To Find Witnesses To Help Your Personal Injury Case


According to research, medical reasons are the cause of one in five car accidents. If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident that appeared to be caused by a motorist who had a medical condition that caused them to lose control of their vehicle, you may have a personal injury liability case to pursue. More importantly, a claim or lawsuit against the driver will help to get them off of the roadways so they will not cause another car accident in the future due to their medical condition.

26 July 2018

Things You Should Do During The First Few Months After Your Car Accident


When a person causes a car accident to occur that leaves you with injuries, you have rights to seek compensation for these injuries, and there are several ways to do this. You do not have to pursue compensation right away, though. In fact, you probably have two years, from the date of the accident, to do this; however, there are certain things you should do during the first few months after the accident occurs.

5 July 2018

Outfit Your Swimming Pool In This Manner To Avoid Personal Injury Suits


Having a swimming pool is all about creating good summer memories with your family and friends, but you also need to be aware that the presence of the pool puts you at risk of a personal injury suit. People can get hurt in a variety of ways in and around the pool, and you could be held financially liable by a court of law — unless your attorney can show that you've taken a variety of steps to make this part of your property as safe as possible.

1 May 2018

Business Transaction Law And Your Small Business


If you have a small but growing business, the legal aspects of running it can gradually become more complicated. As your business grows, there are a lot of legal situations that you may find yourself in where you may find that you need a lawyer that specializes in business transaction law. The laws around business transactions can vary from state to state and you want to ensure that your business interests are protected.

11 April 2018

Five Terms To Know When Looking For A Personal Injury Attorney


If you have suffered an injury that you believe is the fault of someone else, you may want to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person who you believe responsible. If you've never done this before, you may be a bit perplexed as you begin researching lawyers, lawsuits, and the personal injury process. A lot of this confusion comes from industry-specific language that is not always intuitive to someone on the outside.

17 March 2018

3 Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Personal Injury Laywer


Have you recently been injured in an accident? Are you looking for a lawyer who can help you get compensation for your injuries? As you've likely found out already, receiving compensation is not always an easy task. The insurance company that you're trying to collect from may give you a variety of answers and excuses instead of fully compensating you for injuries. Hiring a lawyer is the best way to make sure that you're able to get what you're entitled to receive.

2 February 2018